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A company that specialises in self-defence law and operates as an affiliation company of De Beers Attorneys Inc. Turris specializes in the providing of sound legal advice pertaining to self-defence law by providing its members with:

  • 24h/7 top legal retainment in case a member find him/herself in a self-defence incident with their licenced firearm;
  • Important Legal advice, training and classes for licenced firearm owners pertaining to the law and self-defence;
  • Donation to legal fees in the event a member finds him/herself in a prima facie self-defence incident;
  • Access to much more essentials for the everyday licenced firearm carrier.


Well known fact is the rampant crime in South Africa is affecting everyone and with an overburdened, underfunded and bad managed police force more and more citizens are forced to invest in measures to ensure their own safety and wellbeing. The direct result is a fundamental increase in applications for firearm licences and firearm owners the past four years. Due to the high crime statistic you as a firearm owner’s risk of having to use your licenced firearm in self-defence is also increasing significantly. Unfortunately, together with this there is also a growing antigun sentiment in our country that results in extra red tape and more stringent approach to a self-defence scenario.

The risk to self-defenders getting arrested and or prosecuted after defending themselves has risen exponentially as a result. For this reason, the licenced firearm owners can never go without 24/7 access to a specialized legal team ready to assist in case of a self-defence scenario. No matter what and how, an incident where you have to defend your life or that of someone else will be a traumatic event and will you need assistance on the day it happens. Turris Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd is therefore your answer as a licenced firearms owner to give you the ease of mind when the day comes that you need to defend your live and that of your loved ones, your freedom is also defended afterwards. Turrist Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd is therefore a must for all licenced firearm owners and as you firearm can not go without bullets, you cannot go without Turris Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd.

24/7 access to legal assistance

Our members have 24/7 access to legal assistance in case the day comes that they find themselves in a self-defence incident with their licenced firearm. If a member reports to us that they have been in a self-defence scenario with their licenced firearm we immediately put them in connection with one of the legal representatives in their region on our list of specialised attorneys and advocates. The member’s legal representative will immediately start providing them with legal assistance.

Donation to Legal Fees

Further advantages of being a member of Turris Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd is that in the event that a member finds him/her in a scenario where they had to defend their life with their licenced firearm we make a significant donation to their legal fees by paying a prearranged lump sum to their legal representative.

This makes it possible for even the low-income member to be able to have access to a specialized and high-profile legal representative from the start.

A legal representative with money on file is always a motivated legal representative and, in this way, you can know that you get the professional help you need from the get go, should you find yourself in such an event.

With Turris Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd.’s open line policy for giving legal advice to our members, we also hold regular training events, classes and info sessions for our members all over the country in order to create safe, informed and responsible firearm owners in South Africa.

Members have access to these events and will become informed and well educated in the legal field of self-defence law and thus ensure they are law abiding firearm owners.

Turris Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd’s members also have exclusive access to our social media platforms where they will get day to day info on the law of self-defence.

Access to much more essentials for firearm owners

Turris Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd believes in a holistic approach to firearm ownership and provides access to other firearms training and accessories to our members through our sponsors and affiliated members.


For a minimal amount of R200.00/month regular citizens can get all the benefits provided by Turris Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd.

We also provide assistance and our membership benefits to police and security members for a minimal amount of R350/month.



By downloading our membership contract and completing it as per the instructions you will become a member and have the necessary ease of mind you need as a law-abiding firearm owner.

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See terms and conditions as per membership agreement. Turris Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd retains the right to withhold a donation to a member’s legal fees. Every self-defence incident reported to Turris Legal Secure (Pty) Ltd by a member will be evaluated before any donation will be made by the company. If a matter shows not to be a prima facie self-defence scenario the company will not make any donation towards the member’s legal fees and will the matter be handled as per the membership terms and conditions.